State of the Game October 2016

So ladies and gentlemen, from my concrete bunker I am writing yet another state of the game. Unfortunately as some of you may have guessed as of now absolutely nothing between April and October has happened. Internal tests continue much as before and rumours abound as to whether we are going to be able to get anything remotely playable out of CSE this year.

42, it’s a magic number, but as of now it is the number of months since the kickstarter for CU was launched. If CU were a child conceived then I’d be planning on what to give it for it’s third birthday.10 months is how long I have been waiting for BETA 1, similarly it’s how long i have been waiting for the now mythical crafting document. Jacobs as far as I am concerned has now just over two months, at time of writing I have precisely 88 days left of goodwill. If there was a time to enter crunch now would be it, the word vaporware is bandied about a lot these days but when your development cycle is beginning to remind me more and more of Duke Nukem it is really time to knuckle down and be honest with your audience. Please tell us if, not when, but if this game is ever going to see the light of day.