Hello, my name is Haku and if you are reading this the website hasn’t crashed or caught fire yet. I wanted to provide an independent resource for Camelot Unchained a game by City state entertainment (CSE).

My opinion after looking at the community so far is that many of the sites currently up are run by people with experience of Warhammer Online and Dark Age of Camelot, this is going to be different. My MMO experience in the past has been with EVE Online and I have no real connection with CSE or more specifically Mark Jacobs. I hope to be able to cast a more critical and strategic eye over the game as well as give my take on the latest updates and the state of the game.

I’m also going to be giving reviews on games you can play until the games release, most of them I’ll be playing with my community Cyrus Gaming and I invite you all to head over to their website here. Also ill try to share my C.U.B.E. creations with you and also other cube creations that I have found to be particularly inspiring or just generally fantastic.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts and reading a different perspective as we continue the death march to release.